BISS GCh. PBJ's Lil Dream Catcher
GCh. Clovercreek's Mark Of A Dream X Ch. PBJ's Lil Sure Shot
OFA Good, Patella's normal, Thyroid normal,
CAER clear 6-11-2020, no extra lashes, PRA/prcd clear

4th in her Futurity Class at ASC
January 2014 under breeder Judge Mr. Bob Covey.
4th in the BBE class  
Judge Mr. Michael Faulkner.

Best in Specialty  at the Lone Star Cocker Specialty  
under Breeder Judge Dr. Clyde Shaw from the BBE class shown by Megan!
One the the youngest Best of Breed Winners in the Breeds History.

Best in Sweepstakes
at the  Lone Star Cocker Specialty under Breeder Judge Mrs. Erica Swanson Sapp.

WB , BOW & BOV over Specials for her 2nd major (5 points!)
at the South Arkansas Kennel Club under Judge Mrs Patricia V. Trotter .
February 2014

New Champion
at the Vicksburg K.C. under Judge Mr. James R. White August 2014.

Winners Bitch
at the Fanciers Cocker Spaniel Club under Judge Mr. David Flannigan,
August 2014.

At ASC July 2014

On the East Coast.

New Grand Champion
at the Bloomsberg, PA. shows under Judge Mr. Douglas R Holloway
November 2015.

Best of Variety
at the Palisades KC Octber 2015.

OFA Good
Patellas Normal
Thyroid Normal,
CAER normal/clear
no extra lashes,
PRA/prcd normal/clear

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