Ch. PBJ's  Playin Cinderella
Ch. Detor N Bow-K's Play By Play X  Ch. Somerset's She's A Ticket
Jojo winning her first Major.
BOS to Best In Sweepstakes at the Cocker Spaniel Club of New England,
under Sweeps judge Carol Papp.
ASC Summer 2009
Jojo winning her Second Major in Sedona under breeder judge
Mrs. Elaine Mathis, the weekend of July 4th 2009.
At the Summer Nationals she also won her class.
August 8th 2009
Jojo picked up a 4 pt. Major at Harrisburg, PA,
under breeder judge Dr. Bob G. Smith,
and winning over the Special for Best of Variety!

New Champion and her 4th  Major.
Pictured at the Niagara Cocker Spaniel Club August 28th 2009 under
judge Sandra Lex.

Best of Variety in Sweepstakes at the Niagara Specialty,
CERF Normal/Clear
OFA Good

Jojo winning
her 6 to 9 Class ASC