Sky ( aka Sunshine , aka Muudshine ) won Best in Sweeps yesterday . Nov 17th

Smudgey is owned by Carol Dixon & Sandy Bell and is shown by the Pitt's .

Then Langston is owned  by Sandy bell and is also shown by the Pitt's .

Piper is owned by Erin Baker ( Erin said her hair was a mess which is why she cropped it down
,lol , she does not want anybody to see her that way ha,ha,ha .

and Kenzi is owned by Debra Lowery .

Then Sky & Solo are owned by us  ( i think i have everybody right ,LOL ).

I will go through our showing page and see who can come off .

On the girls page you can take Morgan off please .

Working myself slowly through my pile of stuff

Piper   Owner : Erin Baker
1st point Judge Mrs Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine

Smudgeys Page
Owners : Carol Dixon and Sandy Bell

BOV Sweeps  Cocker Spaniel Specialty Club of Georgia  Judge  
Mrs. Susan Cooper

WB and 1st major  Judge  Mr Sam Houston McDonald
PBJ's Young Gun

PBJ's I'm Sexy And I Know It